1000 Strawberries


I bought a thousand strawberries.

No not a thousand berries – that would be crazy.


I bought a thousand strawberry plants.

This weekend I planted them all. I planted a lot in the gutters of our vertical strawberry garden in the fruitcage – after I had filled them all with soil.


I planted a lot in 52 growbags in the fruit cage and the polytunnel – after I had hacked at and chopped up the compacted compost inside them.

fruit cage.jpg

And I planted some more in the ground in the polytunnel.


A thousand strawberry plants. My back hurts.

And why you might ask did I buy a thousand?

It is much, much cheaper to buy in bulk from a wholesale strawberry merchant than a garden centre or plant store, and the minimum they sell is a thousand plants.

fruit cage2.jpg

The strawberry plants will hopefully produce some fruit this year but they should be producing well for next year just in time for the opening of the cafe.

Dream big I say.

N.B. I bought 500 Royal Sovereign and 500 Flamenco.

15 responses to “1000 Strawberries

  1. Wow! Is this for a camp site PYO? Very impressive fruit cage. Puts my 36 strawberries in the polytunnel into perspective 😉

  2. That’s a lot of strawberries! My back is aching just reading about all those strawberries! Fab idea putting them in guttering. I bet you can’t wait for harvest, mind you the back might be hurting again then. LOL. X

    • We eat a lot of home-made smoothies so many will go into that. MOst are for the cafe I am setting up next year – freshly picked strawberries for breakfast …. with a home-reared bacon sandwich? Will probably make jam as well to add to the other varieties I sell.

  3. Very ambitious… wow… I have a very small patch of strawberries and but never seem to get any… (My youngest eats them before anyone else… think he is eating them green)

    • Ha ha – I so find myself saying this all the time, possibly our schemes are too grand and crazy to work in the merely financial sense 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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