Before and After


The garden behind the house wasn’t looking good. The cold frame was acting as a climatically controlled cat toilet; the salad area was full of weeds, the future herb garden was black plastic covered with rubbish – not the best welcome to our campsite (reception is our back porch – we are very low-key here).

So I emptied and dug, pulled up weeds and nettles, moved stones, shoveled new soil, took Zephi to the garden centre to get some herbs, cleared and planted.


Now there is a nascent herb garden with a few wildflowers for the bees in the front. The cold-frame is cleaned out and planted with rocket, dill, coriander and radish. The salad bed has new bricks round it, new soil and is covered until it is warm enough to plant my salad.  The carrot bed is weeded and covered and waiting for summer carrots.


The far bed is still overgrown but it has lots of swiss chard in which we are busy eating so that will have to wait a little longer. The rhubarb needs mulching, but that will have to wait for my next effort at clearing this space …… the greenhouses need some love first.

N.B. Zephi was surprised and amazed in a barky-barky way at a lot of things in the garden centre – trolleys, plants, babies etc ….. we need to get out more.

4 responses to “Before and After

    • Hi Emily, Your blog looks great as does your smallholding. I saw on one of your posts that you were looking to have Ixworth and Naked Neck chickens We love Naked Neck and Ixworth chickens – we have small flocks of both. A naked neck – Ixworth cross also works well. If you are ever in this part of Suffolk it would be lovely if you visited … always happy to talk to fellow smallholders.

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