Purple Coleslaw


Sometimes we just wanna eat purple food …. so we do.


I dug up the last of the beetroot, and rootled around for the last few onions and cut one of the red cabbages from the hugelkultur and made coleslaw.

Finely slice the cabbage and onion. Peel and then grate the beetroot. Mix in a bowl with mayonnaise and a dash of lemon juice, season and eat.

We had it with roast Anya potatoes from storage and our new rare-breed (Large Black x Middle White) pork and apple and old English sausages that had just come back from the butcher.


Who says seasonal eating isn’t colourful?

N.B. the sausages are for sale as is the delicious bacon we got back too – smoked and unsmoked, back and streaky. Happy, free-range, rare-breed, slow-grown, locally produced, small-scale, delicious pork fed on non-gm organic feed and kept on land managed organically and sustainably. These are smug and tasty sausages!

N.B. We also have gluten-free sausages.

3 responses to “Purple Coleslaw

  1. My friend and her 11 yo son have recently discovered tenting. I’m going to send her to your campsite and then she can bring back sausages!

  2. That would be cool – tell her to say hi. At 6pm most weekends and school holidays we take people round to feed the animals and collect the eggs – she can visit next year’s sausages 🙂

  3. Hahaha!!
    Indeed sometimes purple foods are the only way to go. I bet if you cooked the sausages with the beets you’d get a version of purple sausage too which from NBs view, sound quite tasty heehee!!

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