What Mermaids Look Like

Alfie and the sea.jpg

In the shadow of the nuclear power station, in James’ old, slightly too big wetsuit that I wear back to front because I like it that way, high on post-winter swim endorphins, just before the cold really set in – this is what mermaids really look like.

what mermaids loo like.jpg

me and alfie

I have no idea why people think mermaids have sparkly tails and long flowing blond hair.

As the fishermen on Sizewell beach know, mermaids have plaits – far more sensible for swimming

fishing competition

And mermaids don’t sit on rocks combing their hair. They sit in front of a beach hut drinking tea and eating oranges.

tea and oranges.jpg

The day was soft and misty with no wind. The sea was dirty brown and still. It was a glorious swim and you know what, the sea temperature warms up next month.

power station.jpg

That I haven’t swum through the winter before is, I can’t help thinking, a shocking waste of a life …..


N.B. There was so much gorse flowering in front of the beach huts, the smell was of coconut and I wanted to bring my bees here on holiday.

3 responses to “What Mermaids Look Like

  1. Hahaha! Oh I agree, the mermaids you captured here are far more realistic!
    Your podt-swim high has created this beauuuutiful energy around you, it’s contagious all the way from here 🙂

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