Eating from the Smallholding

leeks and wsb

We are still eating well from the smallholding – yes we are eating a lot of white sprouting broccoli (pretty much every day)  …. but I am not complaining.

pie and wsb.jpg

We had it with a chicken and trotter gear pie – similar to the one I made last year – recipe here.

But a change might be coming soon as the purple sprouting broccoli is now ready


We are finishing the last of the cavolo nero – we had it on a pizza at the weekend …. more on that tomorrow

cavolo nero.jpg

Of course there is the new shoots of swiss chard, self-seeded last spring from the previous year’s sowing, it has now sprouted again after a winter rest – I love this plant.


We had it in borek and in harira – for recipes see here and here.


I found a surprise romanesco which was lovely


We also have stored potatoes and squash, red cabbage still on the hugelkultur and dried borlotti beans as well as a few bags of frozen beans, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and currants from last summer.

borlotti beans.jpg

We have finished the last of the onions, carrots and beetroot, but the leeks will tide us through for a bit. Really hoping that the peas, beans and lettuces I have planted in the polytunnel grow well.

leeks and wsb and eggs.jpg

Got to go now as I hear cheeping from the spare bedroom which suggests that even more chicks have hatched …. eeek.

2 responses to “Eating from the Smallholding

  1. Good job! I have a good variety of canned goods still, but only a few winter squash, plenty of onions, garlic, and shallots stored, with a few peas, broccoli, raab, snow peas, and various berries left in the freezer. Nothing fresh at all yet except a few herbs. Yes, I need a small polytunnel or two!

    • It sounds as if you have lots of delicious veggies 🙂 This year I am going to try to grow a lot more onions. I am so excited about my polytunnel. This is my first proper season growing with it ….. lots to learn.

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