Fractals and Guilt


So what did I do with the marvelous, surprise romanesco?

I roasted it, and made a salad. It was lovely but did induce a shocking amount of herb-related guilt …

You could add parsley or tarragon to this, or coriander would be nice. My parsley and tarragon aren’t quite ready to be picked. I do have some coriander courtesy of some self-seeding that happened in the cold-frame, but during my monthly visit to our local co-op in search of marshmallows for my hot chocolate, I found a packet (omg a packet!) of basil leaves reduced to 30p. So queen of profligacy that I am, I bought it and then promptly felt guilty especially on the day when my own basil seeds sprouted. I felt they were remonstrating with me for my lack of patience.


You can see my coriander at the end of the coldframe, rocket in the front and baby coriander and dill in between

cold frame.jpg

but I shunned my home-grown herbs for the lure of a discounted shop bought pack of basil – the shame…..

Roast romanesco and leek salad:Β romanesco, three leeks, cannellini beans, juice of a lemon, olive oil, seasoning, some kind of fresh herb – basil in my case.

Separate the florets, drizzle with oil, sprinkle with sea salt and roast. Meanwhile slice and fry the leeks – you could griddle these instead. Mix the roast romanesco with the leeks and cannellini beans, juice of a lemon, olive oil, seasoning and herb of your choice!

We ate it with some nice bread from the shop ! Yeah, yeah, I have two dogs, a house full of chickens, I am not sure I need the additional distraction from writing of baking my own bread right now!


N.B. don’t even start about my shameful use of tinned beans – I am working on growing my own cannellini beans, but these things take time. And everyone has a shameful little marshmallow secret or something similar. Still haven’t got round to making my own marshmallows either – what am I doing with my life?

10 responses to “Fractals and Guilt

  1. J & D > Like us with potatoes. Last spring was so dry, we lost a lot of our potatoes, and as a result we’re on the brink of running out now at the end of March, so to eke them out further and enjoy our own-grown as long as possible, we’re occasionally picking up a bag at the co-op (if there’s an offer going). We really feel terrible about it – we find we’re explaining ourselves to the checkout assistant, or keeping our heads down to avoid recognition … ;~)

    • I am now at that point with onions – they are all gone. Still got lots of potatoes but that is because we tend to eat more rice than potatoes – still don’t grow rice either though – we are making an effort to eat more potatoes as they are tasty and we can grow them πŸ™‚

  2. This sounds delicious Claire! Everything is shop-bought for me – every single lemon and stalk of parsley…it can’t be any other way right now but I still feel the shame every single time!

    • But you shouldn’t feel bad – we all lead different lives and there’s not always an opportunity (or desire) to grow stuff. I have just chosen this path and really it is silly for me to feel bad about buying some basil (but I do) especially when I buy a jumper or skirt or any number of other objects. Every single lemon I have is bought too – no lemon tree – yet πŸ™‚

  3. Ah but Claire, if you hadn’t bought that discounted basil it would have been chucked out when the shop shut! What a waste that would have been.

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