Rocket and Lentil Salad


We now have some leaves in the garden – well the cold frame. The rocket has had a growth spurt this week ….. having had nothing in the way of salad leaves for months we now have a lot.


Luckily this salad is perfect and it is simple to make. Cook some puy or beluga black lentils until done. Drain and add to a bowl with some chopped shallot or onion, maybe capers or left-over olives, lemon juice, oil and seasoning. Just before serving stir through rocket leaves. I think it would be nice with preserved lemon as well, or mustard – maybe next time.


We had it with home-made cavolo nero and cheddar pizza. For this I just gently fried a couple of onions, then added the chopped cavolo nero and continued to cook for a few minutes. Roll out some pizza dough, sprinkle with lots of grated cheddar, spread over the cavolo and onion mix and cook in a very hot oven. Might need to have this again soon …..

Pizza dough is from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Everyday Veg – 250g strong flour; 250g plain flour; 1 heaped tsp yeast; 1 tsp salt; splash of olive oil; 325ml warm water. Mix it all together, leave for an hour somewhere warm. Knock back the dough and then roll out sections very thinly for pizza base. It also makes great pita bread if rolled out a little thicker.


N.B. Kale would work fine as well – and is what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall uses in his recipe which was the inspiration for this pizza.

6 responses to “Rocket and Lentil Salad

  1. D > Last of our kale now gone: we’d love to have some of your young salad greens right now, but alas we’re too far north to do that without artificial light and heat, and that’s not what we’re about!

    • I have waited a long time for the rocket it seems. I am going to try overwintering some salad leaves next year in the polytunnel or greenhouse 🙂

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  3. That is a lovely looking salad, and your winter rocket is something to celebrate. What is strong flour?

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