Nettle Soup


We have quite a few patches of nettle around on the smallholding – they are for wildlife and dinner, not because we can’t be bothered to deal with them …. no really.

We also have potatoes in store and lots of leeks on the hugelkultur so this week I was mainly eating leek, potato and nettle soup. While nettles sting in their usual state, once cooked they don’t … I mean if they did, I wouldn’t eat them!

Wear gloves when you pick the nettles and when you prepare them – I mean … duh!


Slice the leeks and cook gently in some oil with a little garlic if you want. Add in some peeled diced potato and cook a little more. Roughly pick leaves and tips from the nettles, we don’t want the tough stalks really.


Add the nettles to the soup with some chicken or vegetable stock and simmer for a while.


Liquidise and serve – easy



8 responses to “Nettle Soup

  1. J > That looks such a good healthy and tasty recipe. The only thing that stops us trying it out right now is that – nettles are not yet growing – it’s not warm enough. And when they are we’ll have no potatoes left! However it does remind us of the value of nettles other than in creating a nettle ‘soup’ as fertilizer, or adding to compost to heat it up.

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