Pig Pregnancy Test

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So, you have done your AI, but how do you know if your pigs are pregnant? There’s no need to hang around and wait for them to pee on a stick – there’s another way.

I read about this on the internet or instagram or somewhere and wondered whether it was true.


Apparently, the pointy bit of a pig’s vagina points down when pregnant.


When not pregnant it points slightly upwards.


So of course on Saturday during egg collection me, a large-ish group of kids and some bemused parents spent a while looking at the pointy bits on my pigs’ vaginas to see if they were pregnant or not.

There were two pointing down


and one pointing forward or up


And what is even more amazing is that the pigs with the pointy down bits are the two we successfully inseminated (as far as well know) – numbers 1 and 2. Number 3 has the pointy forward/up bits and wasn’t done.

So by the end of May and mid-June we will know if this  quick pregnancy test is reliable!

pig feeding.jpg

N.B. Egg collection at Shottisham campsite is the punk version of an animal petting experience. While you do get to collect eggs, there are no fluffy bunnies and guinea pigs to pet. Instead there is electric fence jumping, pig pregnancy tests, lessons in what happens to the male chicks in commercial enterprises as opposed to here, sheepdog work and discussions about how and when the turkeys will be killed, but that is a whole different story for another day…….


5 responses to “Pig Pregnancy Test

  1. Hi Claire – look up this song: The Chicken Song by ‘Beans on Toast’ – I guarantee you’ll love it.

    Natalie x


    • One pig was pregnant, the other was not …. so not sure it is that reliable a pregnancy test. I will keep on observing, we just did AI on the other two gilts last week 🙂

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