Lambing 2017


Lambing has started here on the smallholding, just in time for Easter. Very early this morning Bobtail had triplets, two ewe lambs and a ram lamb. As an over-diligent mum she not only chewed off all of their umbilical cords, but also half of their tails – again.


I feel she might be trying to live up to her name.

kerry and Jude

The morning before a ewe lambed twin ram lambs. Her milk is a little slow to come down so we are supplementing with a bottle. She is a little skinny too so we gave her lots of ewe drink to give her some energy – it would help if she would eat though.


Now I come to think of it, I could do with some ewe drink for energy.


Currently surviving on hardly any sleep and running around non-stop all day with animals and the campsite – isn’t this meant to be a holiday weekend?

N.B. two more are meant to lamb today or tomorrow – please let it be in the daytime so I don’t have to get up hideously early again.

N.B. We named Bobtail because she is all brown except for the tip of her tail which is white – we had no idea she would be a lamb tail nibbler …..


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