Polytunnel of Dreams


A lot has been happening here …. too much to write just now so here are some photos of the polytunnel of dreams over the past couple of weeks.

We had peach blossom and as I don’t wear make-up anymore I used an old brush to try and help pollination

Peach blossom.jpg

Here’s a before and now photo of the broad beans

Courgettes and potatoes are in the ground and growing



The peas have started to blossom and the strawberries



Dahlias are growing as is the kiwi



And I have planted lots of lettuce


The baby poly tunnel is coming along nicely and is full of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes, basil, aubergines and tomatillos grown from seed.

Zephi has learnt not to come in – there is an evil water-spewing monster who lives in the poly tunnel!




17 responses to “Polytunnel of Dreams

    • thank you – it is slowly getting there although I don’t have much time to work in it at the moment – what with lambing and university work

  1. It is looking fab…..are the dahlias for eating? I grew some a few years ago but for some reason I now can’t remember I never actually tried them….. Can I come and sit in your polytunnel when we come for our hols?? I can help with jobs in return 🙂

      • There need to be ventilation openings open dawn to dusk and which allow air flow through to allow the scent of nectar and pollen to drift out and attract pollinators in. Contrary to current urban myth, most pollinators are not in fact honey bees, but all kinds of other insects. Most beans are pollinated by bumblebees, gooseberries and currants flowers far too small for any kind of bee! So your flowers may attract pollinators to themselves, but those might not be the right kind for the strawbs. Ideally, just leave doors open both ends as much as possible.

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