Duck Confit Ragu


I sent off one of my incubators and 15 fresh Pekin duck eggs to a local school this week – they are going to hatch out ducklings – squeak, how exciting for them. I will pop along and candle the eggs in a week and explain how they are developing and then when they hatch I will lend them my brooder so the kids get to enjoy holding and cuddling the ducklings for a week before they enter the spitting water and endless pooing stage – the ducklings not the kids.


I know, this makes me sound really nice, but really I am just doing it for this recipe. I need more ducks so I can make more duck confit ragu – and duck prosciutto.

It is essentially a quick, simple recipe, but it does use duck confit which adds a whole new complication. Luckily if you make a large batch of confit it keeps for ages in the fridge. To be honest I just made it up and I have recreated it here by looking at the photo – bad me.

Duck Confit Ragu: 6 confit duck legs; onion; carrot; garlic; tin of tomatoes; splash of red wine; seasoning.

Fry the duck legs, cool and then shred the meat from them.

fried duck confit.jpg

Meanwhile gently fry the onion, garlic and carrot. Add the tomatoes and wine and cook a little. Add in the meat and then cook gently for a long, long time.


Serve on pasta or however you like.


It is my emergency, I-just-got-home-at-9pm-after-leaving-the-house-at-5.30am-and-having-taught-all-day dinner.

N.B. It is that time of year where I go back to the hospital and they decide to do more scans and stuff. This year I am focusing on not being worried, but grateful that they are so thorough in their checks.



4 responses to “Duck Confit Ragu

  1. Claire, Best wishes for your check-up (always anxiety provoking). You are a superwoman! I am in total awe.

    The duck confit ragu looks amazing. (I can get vacuum packed confit legs from France.)

    Regards, Halina (Old crone living in a stupid apartment in Toronto – no kitties, ducks, sheep, etc.)

    PS: Stumbled on your amazing blog & life while looking for a recipe for Trotter Gear!


    • Hi Halina, thank you for your lovely comments and for the best wishes. Isn’t trotter gear fabulous? What are you going to make with it?

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