Digging a hole

backing out.jpg

Kainaat likes to dig a hole, mainly he does it to impress girls. He shared this knowledge with Zephi.

However, Zephi is a completely different calibre of dog. He isn’t a hole-digger, he is a structural engineer – he digs tunnels.

down the tunnel.jpg

Can you see him in this photo? He is completely inside his tunnel – and he is now nearly the same size as Kainaat.


I fully expect him to start adding structural supports to the tunnel any day soon. James reckons that’s why he is digging next to the deck.

tunnel entrance.jpg

When Zephi puts his mind to something he is a formidable force and that is what i both love about him and what makes me want to tear my hair out.

5 responses to “Digging a hole

  1. Your collies are wonderful! My mom owns one too and we’re thinking of which activities might interest her besides throw and catch. Of course she adores digging holes, but she does that on my mom’s plants since the yard is cemented. Do you happen to have any tips?

    • I have working sheepdogs – kind of like collies but with extra attitude. They need to be doing a job, to use their minds. We have some sheep and I am training them to work the sheep. I also compete in working trials – a competition mainly centred on tracking and scent work. You might try hiding her favourite toy and teaching her to find it. Once she grasps this you can hind small objects and get her to find them using her nose. So long as you touch the object with your hand when you hide it she should be able to find it. Maybe see if you can find a local training group – it is a great social activity as well as fun for the dogs – we have cake at ours 🙂 If you look through the blog you will find some more info on dog training. I might try and write more over the summer when I have some time.

      • Thank you so much for your help, Claire. I’m going to work on that. I loved the idea of a local training group. I’ll check your blog. Xx

  2. This is far the best thing I’ve seen in ages. I’ve not seen a hole that deep from a dog! To impress the girls hahahaha. I have a red collie he is middle aged now, poor old fellow came from a not so nice farm home, so it has taken me nearly two years to gain his trust. He is still timid but he actually comes for pats now. We struggle to keep him in our yard,he digs under the fences, here but nothing like that hole

    • Sorry, I just saw this. Glad your dog has found a lovely home with you now. Mine seem to have curbed their engineering desires, they still dig, but not so elaborate constructions, although that said they have exposed the foundations of our house!

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