After Easter we spent some time eating leftovers and of course leeks. We have a lot of leeks. I save our leeks all winter, standing tall on the hugelkultur to eat around now, filling in the early bit of the hungry gap before the new season vegetables appear.

So, what kind of leftovers did we have? A bit of hollandaise and a bit of mashed potato not really big enough to use I thought, but I was wrong. You could make these fishcakes without the breadcrumbs, but if you don’t have much potato it adds a bit of extra bulk to the meal.

Salmon, dill and leek fishcakes: leftover potato, tin of salmon, large handful of dill, leeks, butter seasoning, breadcrumbs, egg, flour.

Gently fry the sliced leeks in butter until soft. Mix the salmon with chopped dill.

dill and salmon

Add in the fried leek and mashed potato.


Season and form into patties. Dust with flour, roll in beaten egg and then in breadcrumbs. Leave in the fridge to firm up. Fry in a little oil in a frying pan. Serve with extra leek, some purple sprouting broccoli and any leftover hollandaise that you might have.


N.B. When I made the hollandaise I left it for a while (probably while I had a glass of wine) and it split. All I did was whisk in a little warm water and it came back together – yay, a trick that works.

N.B. See here for a version of hollandaise – this time I used lemon juice and not orange juice.

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