The Problem of Orange Peel


OK, so orange peel is probably only a problem if you are a fanatical, bulk-buying, recycling, home-made, home-grown, no-waste obsessed kind of person who just happens to have 30 kg  of oranges piled up outside the back door or stashed in your cellar.

Orange peel.jpg

That is a lot of orange peel that could potentially go to waste.

Yes, you could use the zest to make cordial, or use it in a cake or Persian stew (I just realised I haven’t posted about this yet). If your worms are trained and up to the task you could try feeding it to them – mine would probably turn their noses up at it. That only leaves composting which is fine, but just seems a bit of a waste of lovely, organic, unwaxed oranges from a crazy little family farm in Spain.

But as with many things in life just as a problem emerges so too does the solution.

feeding 2.jpg

Goats love orange peel.

Oh yes, she says with a dance of glee, my orange peel now feels useful and not discarded!

N.B. This post is especially for my lovely, London friends who fed me and made me laugh this week and who share my problem with orange peel – thank you 🙂

N.B. I would really love the orange cordial recipe please …..


11 responses to “The Problem of Orange Peel

  1. Keep feeding orange peel to Iggy when you’re milking her as you just might get orange flavoured milk 😉

  2. My better half has a jar of mandarin peels festering in vinegar. It seems that adding it to baking soda will make an oven cleaner. I am skeptical but I wait to be impressed.

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