Polytunnel Update


I’m going to try and do a weekly polytunnel update here as so much is changing so fast.

So last time I posted I had peach blossom – now  I have baby peaches – squeak with utter excitement – I am so hoping that at least one makes it to ripeness, I have waited a long time to eat a home-grown peach. My grandparents had a peach tree and I am sure that maybe once or twice the peaches must have ripened and i would have eaten one, but i can’t remember.


We also have tiny strawberries forming


There are peas too ….. I hope they fatten up soon


The mangetout have the most beautiful flowers


Two rows planted out now with broadbeans, lettuce, radish, potatoes, courgettes, carrots, spinach, coriander, kohlrabi, onions, and some flowers – can’t remember what type.


This is the first time I have grown spinach in years – it always used to bolt as I was bad at watering


And I have finally managed to grow brassicas from seed. Previous attempts ended up with the seedlings withering and dying – I think that lack of water might be a theme here.


We have just started eating lettuce from the polytunnel now that in the cold frame is finished.


And of course, as it is the polytunnel of dreams it is to be found at the end of the rainbow


This weekend I have done some more work in the polytunnel so I will try and take some photos of it today. Now back to work …..


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