Don’t Pop Iggy (Pop)


I am really hoping that Iggy (Pop) doesn’t have her kid(s) in the next couple of days. I am away for work in Belgium and I would so like to be at home when she has her babies.

We are pretty sure she is pregnant and close-ish as she has started to ‘bag up’. I have tried looking for her ligaments (which apparently disappear just before she is due to give birth) and I can’t find them. She has also started to look hollow, but what do I know …. this is my first time as a goat midwife.

bagging up.jpg

So before I left I gave her a pedicure and trimmed her hair.


We have her maternity suite ready.

maternity suite.jpg

So please Iggy (Pop) hang on until I am back home on Friday afternoon.

N.B. Belgium is OK I guess, but I got stuck in the hotel lift. I never use lifts as I don’t trust them – obviously for good reason.

N.B. I am very worried that Iggy (Pop) will have one huge kid and it will get stuck, I worry a lot about things like this …..

8 responses to “Don’t Pop Iggy (Pop)

  1. J > Don’t underfeed in late pregnancy, but equally don’t over-feed! Life is full of dilemmas. I don’t trust lifts. It used to annoy colleagues at a 4th floor office i worked in, when I could run up the stairs and get there before the lift – even if it didn’t stop on the way. 3 steps at a time. Good for the health. Not good for colleague relations. Dilemmas, dilemmas!

    • Thank you – I am always tempted to overfeed as I want her to keep her strength up, but you are completely right. I am with you with walking up the stairs … overall much better.

  2. Please don’t pop until I’m there this weekend xx Iggy is such a lovely character, I never thought I would think a goat was sweet. They usually have evil eyes and are grumpy. Like the ones that surrounded me on a Greek beach one holiday šŸ˜¦ Seeing a little kid or two should cure my distrust totally especially Iggy kids šŸ™‚ Oh and the names Lollipop and Popcorn (from your Instagram friend) are great!

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