Duck Confit Burgers


There’s a quick way and a slow way to make these burgers.

The quick way involves heating up some duck confit, toasting a bun, smearing over some mayonnaise adding the shredded duck, some pickles and lettuce and eating.

The long way involves a number of stages:


  • Hatch out some pekin ducklings, wait for them to grow up and lay eggs. Incubate and hatch out these ducklings. Kill the ducks when they are 8 weeks or so.
  • Make some duck confit (when you have finally saved up enough duck fat)
  • Grow cucumbers, make pickles
  • Grow lettuce
  • Make some mayonnaise – this doesn’t take that long. I made duck egg mayonnaise as it seemed appropriate. Put an egg yolk in a bowl and add a pinch of salt. Whisk and then gradually, and I mean very gradually add a slow trickle of rapeseed oil and keep whisking. Add a little olive oil to taste and season. you can also add a splash of lemon juice – I didn’t.
  • Make the burger as above.



N.B. Iggy (Pop) still hasn’t popped but there is only a short window of time before I am off again – this time to Sarajevo.

N.B. These were amazingly lovely and quick to make ….. no really …..

N.B. Possible special for the food truck ??


3 responses to “Duck Confit Burgers

  1. Making mayonnaise from scratch is also on my list for this year (along with pastry – puff is done!) so this is very inspiring. Hope that Iggy pops soon and that you get to be there. Looking forward to the photos!

  2. What do you do with the egg whites? Cos meringue would also have to be a Yakking Cat special if you’re making your own mayo with the yolks 😉

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