Hugelkultur spring clean


The last couple of weeks I have given the hugelkultur beds a bit of a spring clean.

I pulled out all of the old sprouting broccoli (some of these were huge and James had to help me yank them out) and as nothing goes to waste round here, I fed them to the sheep who loved them.

brassicas and sheep.jpg

I then weeded it, added more alpaca poo and a lot more old hay and straw from the goat shelter. As I had covered the hugelkultur with a mulch overwinter there weren’t many weeds and they were pretty easy to remove.

I then started to plant. First I popped in my potatoes using the same no-dig method as last year as it worked really well – see here and here.

brussel sprouts.jpg

Then today I planted out some brussel sprouts, cauliflower, calabrese and red cabbage. I haven’t had much luck growing brassicas from seed before and have relied on my lovely friends Christine and Nathan for young brassica plants. However, now I have the polytunnel of dreams I am able to grow them …. will miracles never cease?

brassicas planted

I put lots of coffee grounds round each individual plant to deter slugs and added more alpaca poo. Once the seedlings have got established I will tuck more old straw round them as a mulch. It keeps the weeds down and helps to retain moisture.

wild garlic.jpg

A friend also gave me some wild garlic so I planted that on the hugelkultur too. Once it spreads I will dig some up and plant it in the old copse area on the campsite.

garlic planted.jpg

Behind the garlic is my horseradish that is flowering


I have said it before, but I am really impressed with the hugelkultur. It isn’t always easy planting on a slope and I do tend to plant specific things on it such as potatoes, onions, leeks, brassicas, celeriac, squash and celery, but it is such a fertile place. Every time I dig my little trowel in to make a hole for a seedling there are always lots of worms – there are worms everywhere and that can only be a good thing.


6 responses to “Hugelkultur spring clean

  1. J > Careful the sudden rush of leafy greens doesn’t give the sheep bloat – it can kill. If you’ve ever read/seen ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’, when Gabriel Oak comes to the rescue …

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