The Polytunnel is Nearly Full

polytunnel of dreams

While it’s not always sunny outside, it is always lovely in the polytunnel of dreams.

I think I have already nearly filled it up – squeak – I might need another one!


So what have I got in my poly tunnel? Well a bit of everything. In the far right hand row I have broad beans, lettuce, radishes, new potatoes and courgettes.


In the next row I have carrots, kohlrabi, more lettuce (and even more) spinach, coriander, onions, spring onions, some flower bulbs and radishes.

lettuce and broadbeans.jpg

In the other middle row there is calabrese, cauliflower, and some cabbage. They are now covered with mesh to protect them from the cabbage white caterpillar. Oh, and some dwarf beans.

French beans and brassicas.jpg

I have also planted lots and lots of sweet peppers (Lipstick red pepper from saved seed and yellow monster sweet pepper) and a couple of aubergines.

peppers and aubergines.jpg

On the left are my mangetout and early peas. I am growing most of these in my fruit cage but thought I would experiment with trying for some early ones in the polytunnel.


I might have eaten my first peas

first peas.jpg

Then recently we put up some more fencing and I planted my cucumbers out next to the peas

cucumbers in the ground.jpg

The propagation bed is still full

propagation bed.jpg

but there are fewer tomatoes in there as I planted some among the fruit trees at the end of the polytunnel and even more in the greenhouses!


I’m also trying out some early climbing beans

climbing beans2.jpg

The staging and walkway is full of seedlings waiting to be transplanted

flowers, deckchairs and seedlings.jpg


We have eaten our first lettuce and radishes from the polytunnel and I can’t wait for even more deliciousness.

18 responses to “The Polytunnel is Nearly Full

  1. That looks huge! Envious. Are you growing courgettes vertically? I’m going to try that this year, hope to stop them taking over the bed. If so, what are you using to train them up?

    • I’m growing my cucumbers vertically, the courgettes are just in the ground in the polytunnel. Most of the courgettes I will grow on the hugelkultur and with the squash corn and beans in my three sisters garden, but I wanted to see if I could get some early ones in the p/t

      I’m not sure how well courgettes would grow vertically, but I would be interested to hear how you get along doing it 🙂

        • I’m training them up stock fencing. In previous years I trained them up a very rough trellis type thing I made out of bamboo. Cucumbers tend to have more of a trailing habit than courgettes in my experience – but maybe I have always bought bush courgette seed …. I don’t know.

          • Ok thanks, I think I’ll end up bodging something with canes. Courgettes allegedly happy to be trained vertically, although I’ve never done it. They tend to spread themselves out when left to it so I guess that spreading can be done upwards instead with a little help. We shall see…

  2. As always madly jealous of your space, polytunnel and southern climate. Most things just beginning to germinate here but I’ll be patient and look to your vegetables for promises of things to come

  3. Holy buckets! That’s amazing. Can’t imagine the work at harvest though!! Go you!!! So excited to watch it all grow. Give our love to James please!!

    • I am going to be rushing around like a headless chicken trying to preserve it all – this year is a trial run for next year and the cafe 🙂 xx

  4. J & D > Excellent work! Things we notice, though, aren’t necessarily what you intended to show us: your gardener’s thumbnail, with a roughened/chipped bit simply filed off – and no time to cut your nails back systematically ; the two old-fashioned canvas deckchairs.

    • Gardener’s thumbnail is chewed back – not filed – definitely no time for cutting nails! I love our deckchairs – got to have somewhere to eat icecream 🙂

  5. Claire I need your advice!! The outdoor school where I work has been given permission for a polytunnel-I can’t tell you how excited I am, but looking at these pictures I guess I don’t need to 😉 I have reskinned and worked in polytunnels for years but never been involved in building one. What are your top tips?? We are on countdown until we come to visit yours….my 16 year old just keeps saying dreamily ‘I just love the smell!’ 🙂

    • How exciting. Putting on the plastic was the hardest part but we had the help of some lovely friends which made it easy. I will ask James if he has any other tips 🙂

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