I got back  very very late on Sunday night from Sarajevo (more on that later). But the first thing I did on Monday morning, even before breakfast, was go and visit Iggy Pop and Baby Pop.

Iggy and Pop.jpg

It seems that Baby Pop just likes to drink from only one side so the other side was tight with milk (and can’t have been very comfortable). So I milked my first goat! I managed to get nearly a pint from Iggy Pop – just from the one side. There was a small incident when some got split, but I did my best not to cry!


Not bad for a first attempt. This weekend we are going to sort out a proper milking space and routine. When I get back from London today, I think I might make this into yoghurt.

Baby Pop1.jpg

I am so excited I keep doing the ‘smug little milk dance’ – go on, you know the one ……

N.B. I can’t get over how adorable Baby Pop is – and those ears ……

4 responses to “Milk

  1. That goat is so awesome…

    and on a side…
    I sent you an email asking for your address. Finished my first project from the inky dinky do fibers and want to send it to you… The fibers are kind of home sick…

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