Dreams Fulfilled


My current breakfast of choice: strawberries from the polytunnel of dreams, homemade, raw, goat’s milk yoghurt (courtesy of Iggy Pop) and some of our honey from last year.


Seriously, I could die happy now. Milking a goat so I can make yoghurt and cheese has been a dream of mine for quite sometime – I can’t quite believe I’m doing it.


Hope you all have a great Sunday – I have bees to check, leggy seedlings to plant out, weeds to pull, strawberries to pick, sheep to move and a goat to milk among a long list of other things otherwise the breakfasts will soon come to a stop.


I even have a little milk churn for keeping my milk in …. how cute is this?


N.B. Of course this is a 20 on the Norton scale!

N.B. very few of the strawberries and none of the peas make it into the house as I sit hidden away in my warm polytunnel shovelling them into my mouth

10 responses to “Dreams Fulfilled

  1. You are so smug !! Well jealous ! I need to come and get some more of your apple and chilli jelly , hope you still have some.
    Seriously you rule , what next ? Would you consider standing for PM you would get my vote . Xx

    • If it makes you feel any better for the past few days I have only gotten a trickle of milk from Iggy Pop – not sure what I am doing wrong.

  2. what a breakfast…. as a kid we use to have goats milk all of the time. Just out of curiosity… we use to feed baking soda to our goats and I was told it makes the milk better. Not sure if you do this or if it should be done… have you heard of this?

    • I’ve never heard of that, but to be honest I don’t know that much about goats – I will look into it – thank you 🙂

  3. and a proper Gardener’s Thumb too 😉 My outdoor strawberries are cropping before the polytunnel ones – no respect for the rules!

    • naughty strawberries 🙂 – my outside strawberries are way behind, this may have had something to do with their irrigation breaking and many of them dying !

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