We’re certain that number 1 is pregnant – well as certain as people who know next to nothing about pregnant pigs can be. Really I won’t fully believe she is pregnant until I see little tiny faces popping out of her rear end!


However, her teats are larger and her belly has dropped so yesterday we moved her to her new maternity quarters. We decided to separate her from her two sisters to give her space to nest in and new clean ground to forage on. However, we moved her right next to them so they can still see each other and hang out.

maternity suite.jpg

She is due on 31st May, but might farrow a few days earlier …… as soon as we have piglets I will let you know ….

Oh, this pig isn’t dead, she is just sunbathing.

sleeping pigs.jpg

While this one is enjoying a mud bath

pigs in mud.jpg


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