My Mum, My Milk

My Mummy My Milk

This is the look that Baby Pop (aka Soda Pop) gives me when I try and milk Iggy Pop. After a dramatic success when I managed to milk a whole pint from her when I came back from Sarajevo, the daily yield has since then been minimal.

Ever the optimists, James built a lovely milking stand last weekend for me (and Iggy).

milking stand

Iggy Pop quite likes it as she gets lots of cuddles and delicious snacks while standing there.

Iggy trying it out.JPG

Here she is eating a selection of leaves.

Iggy in the stand - back view

And this is where all the milk is kept, but which she determinedly keeps to herself.

After milking.jpg

Then straight after my ‘milking’ attempt she wanders off to feed the very greedy and fast growing Soda Pop.

Of course I don’t begrudge Soda Pop his milk (much), but as she had only one kid I did think we could share some of the milk from day one, but apparently not.

My plan is to let Soda Pop have all the milk for another week or two and then to separate them at night when he is eating more solid food (he will be in a large dog crate next to his mum with some food and water). I will then milk her in the morning and then he can have the milk for the rest of the day.

eating branches

This is the plan, but who knows whether it will be acceptable to Iggy and Soda Pop ……

We also completely cleaned out the goat house last weekend – we use a deep litter approach all winter, topping the straw up with clean straw every now and again. But James hauled all of it out and we spread it on the hugelkultur and will put it round the sweetcorn and squash by the house in the three sisters garden.

clearing out the goat house

clean goat house

Here’s a little video of Soda Pop, who is utterly, utterly adorable and is a big hit on the campsite.

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