Pea and New Potato Pasta


I did some furtling yesterday among the potatoes in the poly tunnel and came up with three lovely new potatoes. I also managed to collect enough peas for a meal. It isn’t that we haven’t had enough peas, rather that I sit next to them in the poly tunnel picking them straight from the plant and shovelling them into my mouth – interspersed with the odd strawberry!

I was going to make, pea, potato and pesto pasta, but the basil isn’t ready so instead I opted for a simple sauce made from egg yolks.

This was filling, but then we need filling food as we spend all day rushing around like lunatics. We also need quick instant food as when it is finally time to stop we are knackered.

Its would have been nice with garlic, but I’m still waiting for that too. Don’t forget to save some cooking water from the past to loosen the sauce – it needs more than you think.


Pea and Potato Pasta: couple of new potatoes, fresh (or frozen) peas, some pasta (I used tagliatelle), two egg yolks, parmesan, seasoning, olive oil.

Cook the potatoes and peas. Put the egg yolks in a dish and whisk a little (I fed my egg whites to the dogs as this is how I roll right now). Grate the parmesan. When you want to eat (which for us is currently about 9-10pm as this is when things finally quieten down) cook the pasta. Drain, add a splash of olive oil and the egg yolks. Add the potatoes and peas and stir. Add some parmesan. Add some of the cooking water to loosen it. Season, eat with more parmesan.

We had it with a salad – All Year Round lettuce – it is a butterhead lettuce and is brilliant – and giant radishes. We have to eat a lettuce every day at the moment – its the law round here.

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