Orange Cordial


While I make elderflower cordial every year and redcurrant cordial, I have never made orange cordial, until last weekend.

My lovely friends from Putney not only told me about the crowd farming orange tree buying scheme but also gave me this recipe – I have upped the orange juice ratio in it though.

oranges and toads

This is really good and of course we will be selling home-made cordials at the food truck cafe next year. My next job is to see if I can pasturise the dinky little bottles to help it keep a little longer.

You can strain the zest out of the cordial, but I ested mine with a micro-plane type thing which produces a very fine zest and I didn’t bother straining it – maybe next time

zested oranges

Orange Cordial: 10 oranges juiced (zest 6 of them); 1kg of sugar; 1.2 litres of water; 30g of citric acid.

Zest the oranges. Put the zest, water and sugar in a pan and bring to the boil, summer for about 10 minutes. While this is happening juice the oranges. add the juice and citric acid to the sugar syrup and leave to cool. Strain if you want and then bottle the cordial. Keep in the fridge.


N.B. I popped the toad who had been hanging out with the oranges in some foliage by the pond.

N.B. Elderflower cordial peaking out from behind the orange cordial.


6 responses to “Orange Cordial

  1. I’ve made orange cordial, but not for a while – delicious isn’t it? – so much nicer than even good shop bought. If you are adding less sugar, you could try using all of the zest instead – that would also give a stronger flavour surely? I think I used less sugar than the recipe suggested also, but you need enough for preserving. Try gooseberry cordial – or gooseberry and elderflower if the flowers last that long!

    • I think next time I will add less sugar and more zest. Your idea for gooseberry cordial is amazing – mine are nearly ready so that is next on my list. Do you have a recipe for it by any chance?

      • I just made it up. Probably cook the fruit down slightly to soften, then strain off the juice and add sugar (try 1 lb to 1 pint?) heat and stir gently to dissolve. I like to bring cordials almost to a simmer to ensure sterility, before bottling into sterile bottles, but I have had some balckcurrant ones start to jell, which is awkward in a bottle! I think that gooseberry and elderflower could be rather pretty – stick a few dried flowers (or fresh if available) in with the sugar. I seem to remember the cordial turned out rather pink in colour, but this may depend on the gooseberries.

        • Thank you – I will try this tomorrow I think – we still have some fresh elderflowers available – I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

  2. Oh I thought the toad was extra insurance against sore throats – have seen The Wicker Man?? 😉

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