Eggs Mornay


We have been eating quite a bit of spinach recently – mainly as a pasta dish, but I will post about that later in the week, but also as eggs mornay. I thought this was called eggs florentine, but that, it turns out, is made with a hollandaise, not a cheese sauce.


Cook quite a few large handfuls of spinach down in a pan, squish out any water and put in the bottom of a shallow dish. Poach 4 eggs – I used duck eggs. Place them on top and cover with a cheese sauce. Pop under the grill until a little browned and bubbly on top.

We had it with brown rice. It isn’t pretty on the plate, but that is because we didn’t get to eat it until 10pm as things have been crazy round here recently.


Tomorrow is the end of a really busy 9 days here on the campsite. It is half term here in the UK and we have been full every day; there has been lots of egg collection and animal feeding going on; piglets were born; the vegetable garden has been planted out; cockerels fought and got eaten; and ducklings nearly drowned, but these are stories for another day.

N.B. A little bit of wild swimming happened, but not as much as I would have liked.

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