Inky Dinky Do’s Scarf


The wonderful and suitably weird Adam from weirdweekends sent me a scarf.

This is, however no ordinary scarf.


I love the label

Some time ago I sent an alpaca fleece (Inky Dinky Do’s) and a Jacob shearling fleece over to the US as I thought he might like to use them in some of his weekend projects.

me and the scarf.jpg

All I can say about the scarf is wow. See his blog post here for a summary of the whole process and a list of all the individual posts where he explains how he washed and carded the fleece, then dyed it a variety of colours, spun it, plyed it and even evntually learnt to knit and knitted it.

This scarf is now one of my most treasured possessions not only because it is beautiful and snuggly, but because I know the extent of the journey it has been on – not just crossing the Atlantic twice, but also in terms of new skills learnt.

Anyway, it has been very warm here recently and I have been mucking around with animals and vegetables a lot so I haven’t worn it yet.

To be fair it did seem appropriate that the first to wear it should perhaps be its original owner.

On Sunday our alpacas got shorn. I was slightly worried that Inky Dinky Do might be cold – I wondered how she would like the scarf.


I think it suits her

me and JUniper.jpg

But, I have something to confess.

When alpacas get shorn, they don’t recognise each other – I think this is hilarious


Err, who are you again?

Anyway, initially during the shearing I was busy telling all the campsite kids and adults all about the shearing process – and about my new scarf, how it was made and my plans for it so I wasn’t paying attention to which alpaca was being shorn first.

Inky and Juniper

I was assured that Juniper was being shorn first. So off I went to get the shearers some home-made orange cordial and when I came back it was “Inky’s” turn.

The shearers kept saying how old she seemed, but Inky is the youngest. This sowed some doubt in my mind. I kept looking at her and I just I wasn’t sure if it was Juniper or Inky, after all, she had just been shorn. However, she did sort of look like Inky.


Anyway, we had already let the other white alpaca go …. this was my one chance so I wrapped the scarf around her neck and posed for a photo. This all had to be done very quickly as the shearers were in a big hurry.

ne and Inky:Juniper.jpg

Looking at the photos now though, I am pretty sure the scarf is on Juniper …..

We might get another opportunity for a photo shoot in the autumn when we trim their hooves, and to be fair it will most likely be more like scarf-wearing weather then.

Thank you Adam for this wonderful present – I love it …. and so does Inky …. I mean Juniper ……

N.B. As it has been quite chilly today I am just going to spend this evening sitting wrapped up in my lovely Inky scarf from Adam and wearing my Juniper socks from Sheena – how lucky am I?

10 responses to “Inky Dinky Do’s Scarf

  1. WOW… THANK you… and I think you just posted my all time favorite picture…EVER!!! A newly sheered alpaca wearing an alpaca scarf… I can now tick that one off of my bucket list.

    I have tears in my eyes from laughing. I honestly believe in karma and you deserve every bit of kindness others show you… since you are an incredibly kind person.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play with the alpaca fibers. (Next up…Jacobs wool… very excited)

    • I was so excited when it arrived before the shearing as I knew I had a chance of getting an alpaca (ideally Inky, but as you see things happen fast and chaotically here) to wear the scarf!

      But now you have got me thinking – a feather coat for a chicken? felted goat-hair jackets for baby goats, felted hats for cats made from cat fur (or little mouse pelts – they would like that), small bee-suits knitted from the fine hair of bees?? The list is endless.

      Thank you once again for my lovely scarf. I am on my way to work on the busy commuter train wearing it, writing this and thinking how lovely it is that there are kind and weird people in the world. I wish you much happiness as well as you too are a wonderful, kind, generous and lovely person – I am so glad we met in blog land and I hope one day we meet in person take care ….

    • It is an amazing story story isn’t it. Adam is so clever and I love the fact that he just leaps in and learns new things all the time. I reckon you can’t have too much kindness in the world 🙂

    • Thank you …. to be fair though, when I had my previous long hair cut very short my colleagues didn’t recognise me. They kept wandering into my office, staring at me and asking where CLaire was. I would laugh only when I saw myself in the mirror, I didn’t recognise me either!

  2. Reblogged this on weird weekends and commented:
    Here is one of my all time favorite posts… (from another blogger). It is not just because I am mentioned in the post. This post shows the source of my alpaca scarf… (an alpaca) wearing the scarf made from its fibers!… I love the idea of that. If you haven’t read Claire’s blog I highly recommend it!!!

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