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We may have dirty floors, piles of washing, badly behaved dogs and weeds everywhere, but we do have homegrown, home-made ice-cream – priorities people, priorities …..

Recipe is based on one by Nigel Slater. It is so easy that even if you have spent 12-14 hours rushing around a campsite and smallholding you can still make this – you might not be able to sweep your floor but you can make this ice-cream. No fancy equipment is needed although an electric whisk makes whipping the cream marginally easier. I am assuming of course that you have a blender, if not, let the strawberries sit in the sugar and go soft then mush everything through a sieve.

Strawberry Ice-cream: 450g strawberries; 100g sugar- 300ml double cream. Whisk the cream until it is in soft peaks. Put strawberries and sugar in the blender and whizz together until smooth. Stir strawberry mix into the whipped cream. Put into a container and shove in the freezer. You can always stir it after a couple of hours.


Our strawberries in the polytunnel are doing well – getting a big tub every day or so.


We even have a red strawberry in the outside gutters of strawberry world.


They are surviving which is more than we could hope for as the irrigation got accidentally knocked off for more than a month earlier in the year and many of them died of thirst, but more on that gutting disaster tomorrow …..

6 responses to “Priorities

  1. That looks scrummy, thanks for sharing. I might give it a go when our strawberries ripen – if they don’t drown first!! This weather is awful! I feel sorry for your campers. X

    • and peas – I spend a lot of time in my polytunnel shoveling strawberries and peas into my mouth …. there are worse vices to have 🙂

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