The Pear Garden

bee and blossom.jpg

I spent some of my time off last week working on the Pear Garden – sorting out the greenhouses and the fruit cage. it isn’t finished but it is slowly getting there.

I planted my tomatoes out earlier in May.

tomatoes now


But last week I tied them in and made sure they were growing OK – they still look a bit spindly, but we have actual baby green tomatoes now.

Strawberry world is doing OK, despite the earlier irrigation catastrophe. The irrigation controller was accidentally knocked (by a duck) and for about a month or so back in March/April strawberry world got no water. Lots of my young plants died, but I learnt a lesson – always check your irrigation is working.


dead strawberries2.jpg

All the gaps are where the dead strawberries were – I will fill them with runners later in the summer.

In the middle of the fruit cage I have planted my outside peas, broadbeans, borlotti, climbing beans and sweet corn.

beans and peas.jpg

To the right of the beans are the currants which are slowly starting to go red and black.



Meanwhile there are lots of baby pears, apples and damsons forming on the trees – and some greengages …. please, please let them ripen.



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