Bacon and Pea Salad


We are currently eating a lot of salad in various forms – experimenting for future food truck lunches. This one is made with peas, broad beans, courgette as well as the obligatory daily lettuce. You could make it without bacon and add a lemon and olive oil dressing to it instead. I added coriander to this salad for a reason I can’t quite remember but you could equally add dill or mint.


Pod the peas and broad beans. Cook briefly (and separately) in boiling water. If any of the broad beans are large, then pop them out of their skins. Heat some oil in a frying pan and cook some chunks of streaky bacon. Add in a few sliced courgettes and cook. When you are ready to serve, tear up some lettuce leaves, add the peas and beans to the frying pan to warm through (and get covered in the bacon fat) and serve on top of the lettuce. We ate it with bread.


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