I had a few days off on holiday this week, but it didn’t feel much like a rest. I guess yesterday was a typical day ….

I got up and milked Iggy Pop at 7am – I got a litre of milk – yay, a record for us.


Then I gobbled my breakfast in about 15 minutes – first of the raspberries and home-made yoghurt made with Iggy’s milk, with an egg and some green tea.


At 8.15 I took the dogs out for a quick walk around the block


before setting off to Sizewell beach for a training session with Alfie. We swam about 1km (tide assisted) then walked back as we can’t swim against the flow, it is too powerful. I wondered why all the nettle stings I had got on my legs the day before were stinging in the sea – turns out we swam through lots of jellyfish (Alfie was getting stung too!) – another fear faced and overcome.


After a bite to eat and cup of tea with Alfie at her beach hut I rushed home to have a shower and head into Woodbridge to visit a physiotherapist. I have had a hip issue for years. It used to twinge when I got up after sitting for a while, but for about a year I often can’t stand up or put weight on it for a few minutes after sitting, or if I curl my legs up in bed. It gets stuck and then eventually releases. Β This all culminated last week when it took me about 20 minutes to get from my car into the house. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t crawl and couldn’t stand up straight – and it hurt … a lot. So I went to the doctor, had an x-ray at hospital and then saw the physiotherapist who says there is a problem with the joint – I am pleased I am getting this fixed as sometimes I only just make it down the train carriage in time to get off at my stop.

I did some shopping and had a quick coffee in my favourite cafe where they asked where my dogs were.


I came home and took the dogs out for some sendaway training – both did really well.


I then rescued Curtains who had got her head stuck in the fence again….


I noticed there were loads of worms in some runny sheep poo (despite the fact I wormed them a month ago). So I found three lambs who had the scours including the two bottle orphan lambs River and Fraggle. I caught and wormed them with a different wormer. I hope this sorts it. I don’t like to worm my sheep too much and tend to look for signs that they need it – like poo full of worms – yuk yuk.

Then I watered and pommed in the poly tunnel picking strawberries and broadbeans.


I should have weeded and done more work, but time was short. Instead I went back and salted the first batch of beyaz peynir (feta) that I have made with Iggy Pop’s milk


and churned some mint chocolate-chip ice-cream that I had made on Thursday evening – it benefits from a stay overnight in the fridge before churning according to Fergus Henderson.


Then, as it was Friday night, there were people checking in to the campsite, buying our bacon and sausages, wanting wood and fire pits so we did that for a few hours before I made us a Turkish dill and broadbean pilav with cacik (yoghurt and cucumber) on the side – no photos of this as we ate it after 10pm and were knackered. Then it was time to put the birds and Soda Pop to bed.


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