Two Years Ago

Daisy and Kai.JPG

I can hardly believe that two years ago my beloved Daisy Dog died.

This is Daisy when we first got her nearly seven years ago.

Baby daisy.jpg

She is not impressed with her kennel


This is me and her after one of my operations on a walk to Ramsholt.


Here she is on the way to get Kainaat

Going to get kainaat.JPG

From day one she adored him.

Daisy and Kai2.JPG

She taught him how to play tug-of-war and let him win most of the time.

Learning tug of war2

She was great with kids

And was the master of the long-suffering, slightly disapproving stare.


She also excelled at doing the campers’ washing up and loved working the sheep. She was my beloved, unique, incorrigible, wonderful Daisy Dog.

Daisy and sheep6.JPG

A year ago, Joe was here and he brought me this beautiful painting by Crayton. I look at it everyday and think of her – it is such a wonderful present, thank you again Crayton (and Joe).

DaisyDog Painting



8 responses to “Two Years Ago

  1. Dear Claire, I kept a photo print of Daisy Dog for myself and it hangs over the kitchen counter where I enjoy looking in her eyes every day too. Glad the original is with you to keep her alive in your home. Crayton

    • Dear Crayton, I am so glad you have her with you as well. I really can’t express how wonderful a gift your painting is. Each day i look at her and she is with me in my heart – it has helped me to heal and I am so grateful to you for such a generous and beautiful gift. I hope life is treating you well, I hold you in my heart love claire xx

  2. I can hardly believe it is two years, loved her too , special dog, had lots of great walks with her. Xxx

    • She adored you Pat and loved going on walks with you. She had a special bark to let me know when you or Ivan were at the door. xxxx

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