Falafel and Spoilt Milk


I think Iggy Pop is conspiring with the pigs.

There has been no milk for 4 days here. On Wednesday I weren’t to London so didn’t milk Iggy (on these days I leave Soda Pop with her over night). On Thursday Soda Pop had broken out of his enclosure and Iggy Pop didn’t want to be milked in the morning. When she doesn’t want to be milked she stamps her feet – a lot.

Iggy and Pop.jpg

Then yesterday she trod in the milk pail just as I was finishing milking her. The milk was now spoilt and spoilt milk goes to the pigs, who love it. The same thing happened again today. Iggy is quite demanding when I am milking her. First she eats some goat muesli and then she likes to have fresh branches fed to her. If she finishes one and I am not quick enough getting her another, she starts to stamp her feet and dance around.

I will keep persevering with this whole cheese-from-scratch malarky but sometimes it is hard work.

On other matters this week we have been mainly eating broadbeans – and of course new potatoes and strawberries.

I made some broad bean falafels on Wednesday for dinner. They were lovely but I think it would be better if I had deep-fried them rather than shallow frying them.


Broadbean Falafels: broadbeans, mint, dill, clove of garlic, couple of spoonfuls of flour, spoonful of cumin, splash of chilli sauce, seasoning.

Boil the broadbeans, refresh under cold water and then pop them out of their skins. Put all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse. Shape into little patties and roll in a little flour. allow to firm up in the fridge and then fry.

We had it with yoghurt (made from Iggy’s milk last time I got some!) with some chopped mint, a splash of oil and vinegar and salt. I made a massive bowl of potato salad and James ate it all – he must have been hungry.


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