Snake in the Grass


My peaches in the poly tunnel of dreams are pretty much ready.

I had my first one yesterday.

first peach

But why, I hear you ask, are you eating it by the tree Claire and not sitting on your deckchair while gazing smugly at the horrifically overgrown food jungle that is your polytunnel?

I can tell you why ….

Just before I bit into the peach I saw a snake slithering across my decking just behind my deckchair. Suddenly sitting there doesn’t seem like such a relaxing thing to do.


I know, I know …. I am all in favour of organic gardening, polyculture, permaculture and creating a lovely ecosystem for all of nature’s animals and plants, but basically I hadn’t planned on snakes. My polytunnel is basically snake heaven – it is warm, full of overgrown plants, there is lush grass and cardboard to hide amidst – not so much a poytunnel of dreams as a hothouse of horror.

Tomorrow I am going to clear it up a little with the help of James the fearless who is not scared witless by snakes ……not that I am saying I am, but I have been know to run pretty fast when I see one.

N.B. don’t worry, the snakes will still have places to hide, I just won’t accidentally walk on one while harvesting vegetables.

N.B. it is a bit of a toss up whether I run faster from snakes or from an angry sow when her piglet is screaming, but that is another story …..

6 responses to “Snake in the Grass

  1. J & D > Okay, so you can grow peaches. But aren’t they the most expensive peaches on the planet, and wouldn’t it be far more cost-effective to use the polytunnel for produce that will grow in quantity and quality? Yes, of course but … That’s human nature. What price do you put on standing by your own peach tree, eating a home-grown peach. No, no … that’s a rhetorical question.

    • This is her polytunnel of dreams – I can sympathise with wanting to grow peaches (as one who has a new apricot tree in her polytunnel!) Probably one of the fundamental laws of gardening -‘grow what *you* want to grow’. Nice to have snakes. I did have a toad in mine, but haven’t seen him this year.

    • ha ha the peaches are totally worth it and in-between the snake, the potatoes, kale and other staples there is certainly room for a peach tree 🙂

  2. Hate hate hate snakes !! I know they’re around but like you, I would not have settled until I knew everything possible had been done to turf the buggers out :-/

    • I guess I don’t mind if they stay, I just don’t want them having babies ….. and they have to promise to sleep somewhere out of the way while I am pomming around in the polytunnel.

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