Swim Adventure


There wasn’t really time to take photos on the swim adventure so here is a postcard instead.

Our swim was from Durdle Door beach and under the arch (top right). We then swam left along the coast (actually quite a long way from the coast) before passing stair hole and then swinging round into Lulworth Cove (bottom middle). The weather was brilliant for our swim and we prepared well for it by eating a fine breakfast  – don’t worry we ate at between 8-9am and the swim wasn’t until about mid-day.

Lulworth Cove at night

Lulworth Cove the night before our swim

However, an adventure isn’t really an adventure if it doesn’t push you right out of your comfort zone and this swim really did this. It took about 1 hour 15-20 minutes I think and was about 2 miles long according to someone’s clever gizmo. The sea was quite rough though and that made the swimming harder. We were also at least 100m off the rocky coast I think, but we had great safety support so I didn’t feel worried.

When I finally got to the beach in Lulworth Cove I couldn’t stand up I was so tired, so I sat on the beach and gobbled up the chocolate biscuits the organisers had brought with them.

After Alfie and I recovered for a bit and got dressed we set off along the 3km cliff top walk back to our car which was parked at Durdle Door. It was a fabulous walk (but the swim was better) and we had a bit of a picnic to replenish our energy levels. Now you might have thought that we would have gone back to the B&B for a rest, but not us intrepid wild swimmers, we set off to Portland and Chesil Beach instead.

The lady in the information centre scared us into not swimming on Chesil Beach which was a shame as it looked beautiful and alluring, but we did have a swim on the other side which presumably has a name, but I can’t remember it.

Chesil Beach.jpg

The next day I got up for a quick sneaky swim in Lulworth Cove just before 8am and had it all to myself which was nice.

Lulworth Cove morning.jpg

We also stopped by the local shop and i bought some lovely fluffy towels and a 100foot of quality rope. If only they had also sold radios they would have been the most perfect shop in the whole world.

Then, in a Thelma and Louise kind of way (minus all the death)  we meandered our way home via a swim at Swanage.

hopped on the chain ferry at the entrance of Poole harbour,  and had a swim on the beach on the other side. They also had a dog washing station at this beach and Alfie wanted me to try it out …. I wasn’t so keen despite the different blow dry settings.


We met lots of lovely people on our travels and we excelled at being random in quite a sparkly way – it was a great adventure and I have a feeling we both might be planning another one soon.

N.B. Although i was brave getting in for the big swim, I may have squeaked a lot getting in for the other ones!


2 responses to “Swim Adventure

  1. Oh well done you two xx Tony and I used to go to Dorset a lot. He used to dive all around that area and when the kids were little we had loads of holidays down that way. I remember all those places well. The lagoon behind Chesil beach is the Fleet Lagoon. We stayed at a campsite about halfway along nearly 7 years ago now!

    • No, I don’t think it was Fleet lagoon where we swam -although that was where we were initially heading – we swam in the harbour bit – looking towards the constructed harbour walls

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