Black Currant Ice Cream

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I’m on my way to Nuremberg to give a talk at a conference on the Reformation. I’m talking about Ottoman imaginations of the religious schism between Protestant and Catholics in the early modern period – yes I know, there is quite a schism between my day job and my life here on the smallholding too!

It has been a day of delays and endless travel. There was an accident on the A14 so I was stuck in stationary traffic for hours this morning – luckily I had left enough time for this eventuality. Then the flight was delayed leaving Birmingham Airport so I missed my connection and now I am stuck in Frankfurt airport for another 5 hours waiting for another flight.

But a week ago I did make a wonderfully sharp blackcurrant ice-cream. And – insert smug little hopping around dance here – I made it with milk from Iggy Pop. Except of course, I can’t remember the exact amounts I used, but I think ice-cream is a very forgiving thing and the odd difference in amount of fluid won’t make or break the icecream.


I did use a little shop-bought organic cream as I am not quite getting the quantities of milk from Iggy that would allow cream production. I put way more blackcurrants in the icecream than you average recipe not the internet as I wanted it really blackcurranty and I have a lot to get through.

Blackcurrant Ice-cream: For the custard base – about 350-400ml of milk; 150ml of cream; 4 egg yolks; 100g sugar. For the blackcurrant puree – 450g of black currants and 125-150g of sugar.

Gently cook the blackcurrants down with the sugar (possibly add a tiny splash of water if you want). Liquidise and then push through a sieve to get a puree. Let it cool. Make the custard base by heating up the milk and cream to boiling point. Meanwhile whisk the egg yolks with the sugar. Whisk in the hot milk. Pour it back in the saucepan and heat gently until the custard thickens – keep stirring it. Cool the custard base and then mix the puree into it. Churn in an ice-cream machine.

milk jug.jpg

Not being sure of the exact quantities just gives me an excuse to make it again, but first when I finally get home I will have to eat the old batch to make room in the freezer …..


N.B. These giant, gorgeous blackcurrants were (as many of my currants are) grown on a cutting from a bush from my lovely allotment friends – thank you Nathan and Christine.

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