Another day, another 5 hours spent sitting in Frankfurt Airport.

I should have been home by now, walking my dogs and picking carrots in the polytunnel of dreams, but I’m not. I am instead doing a short tour of different German airports which is no where near as much fun as it sounds.


So instead here are some photos of the food from the food forest.

The daily harvest of cucumbers is exponentially increasing – looks like I can grow enough to supply a pop-up cafe.


The straggly, fallen-over, un-fed tomatoes have started to ripen.


The yellow monster peppers are so big they have caused the plants to fall over – maybe I should have staked them.


Mutabal is in my future


Most, but not all of the onions and garlic are happily drying in the gloriously over-hot polytunnel.

onions and garlic.jpg

I also grew flowers, beautiful gladioli and some smaller, needy dahlias – apparently they need lots of food and water – something to remember for next year.


On Sunday, before I left for Germany I shovelled freshly picked  peaches and strawberries into my mouth in lieu of a more formal lunch – and no I didn’t bother washing my hands.

peaches and strawberries.jpg

N.B. no photos of the courgettes, the cavolo nero and the potatoes, but I am sure you already know what these look like 🙂

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