Grow Your Own


Recognise the deckchairs and the out of control veggies?

I have published 5 books (yes, yes number 6 will definitely get finished before its final, hard and fast, no-more-excuses deadline at the end of November, no really it will, it has to as too many previous deadlines have already whooshed past and the publisher already wants the second edition of one of the earlier books) and a lot of academic articles in journals and books, but secretly I think I might be most pleased about this …..

I got a mention in the latest issue ofย Grow Your Ownย magazine.

Grow Your Own.jpg

They asked for a couple of photos from my plot a couple of months ago and also for a bit of blurb – I had no idea what would be used or how much – possibly if I had known it would be a whole page thing I would have taken more photos. However, I am exceedingly excited to be featured.


N.B. I am pretty sure I am not responsible for the missing apostrophe ….. although those who have kindly proof read my work over the years may disagree.

N.B. August will be a better month – it will be better in terms of blogging, swimming and life, I am sure of it.

10 responses to “Grow Your Own

  1. Congratulations Claire. Coming soon: The Adventures of Smallholding Dreams in book form ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. J > Even in a small place … What, like a Tardis? Depends on definition of small, how much fruit and veg you eat, and how much you’re willing to spend on intensifying production. Oranges, for example? This is why D and I gave up buying any of these mags.

    • I hear what yo are saying, but I really do think you can grow all the veggies and fruit you need in a pretty small space – or at least a space smaller than most people imagine. I think people often don’t bother growing their own veggies because they think they need a huge garden or allotment. I have friends who grow pretty much all their veggies on half a standard allotment plot. We also used to grow all we needed (vegetable-wise) in the area that is now our fruit cage – easily the size of an average-ish garden and we did it only adding homemade compost (compost that included chicken poo to be fair) – we are also mainly veggie so eat a lot of vegetables – of course at certain times of the year we ate a lot of swiss chard (and bought lentils!).

  3. Very cool! On the subject of fruit and veg in a small area, I’ve grown hanging tomatoes in baskets and herbs in tin cans on the fence before. People are much more creative and don’t just grow in beds on the ground ๐Ÿ˜‰

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