Things are far from perfect on the smallholding and in the polytunnel of dreams despite the fact that this gorgeous tomato weighed in at 1 lb or 500g depending on your measurement system of choice.

I forgot to stake some of my tomatoes in the polytunnel. I could worry about this, but as this happened to the ones that I did stake I am letting it go.

horiontal tomatoes.jpg

All my tomato plants grew fast and furiously and produced massively heavy fruit. They then toppled over as my staking was inadequate.

However, here we grow strawberries vertically so why not tomatoes horizontally. I went through and pulled off lots of the leaves so light could get through to the fruit and I am leaving them to it.

red tomato.jpg

The grass you can see everywhere is from the hay disaster – see here.

However, despite their feeble staking we are getting quite a few tomatoes including some delicious large ones – my favourite are the pinkish ones. The greenhouse tomatoes were staked a little more professionally!

greenhouse tomatoes.jpg

I am pretty sure I put labels with every tomato I planted, but of course now they are nowhere to be found.


We have been eating them as is with just a little salt and nice bread, but on Thursday I decided to stuff a couple of the really large ones. A number of years ago I made a nice stuffed tomato dish with eggs – see here – but this time I thought I would go for just onion, basil, breadcrumbs and a little cheese. It was delicious, but just like the tomato plants the stuffed tomatoes collapsed as I tried to put them in our bowls – this didn’t stop us slurping it up with some nice bread though. I also used a little leftover Berkshire cheese which is a hard ewe’s cheese – it didn’t really melt – I think a melty cheese would have been better.

Stuffed, collapsing (but delicious) tomatoes: 2 large tomatoes (or three if you are greedy – we are), an onion, couple of cloves of garlic, basil leaves, handful or two of breadcrumbs, olive oil, seasoning.

Cut the tops off the tomatoes, scoop out some of the insides and place in an oiled baking dish.

tomato cases.jpg

Chop and gently fry the onion in some olive oil, add the garlic and the chopped in inside flesh of the tomatoes and continue to cook. Add in the basil and breadcrumbs. Season to taste. Stuff the mixture into the tomatoes and top with a little cheese.


Cook in a medium oven, ideally not so long that they collapse when you move them.

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