Hidden Garden


I have a secret garden, down by the side of the house. Come through the gate and I will show you ……

It is after the gooseberry patch and  hidden between rows of raspberries

gooseberry and raspberry garden.jpg

Each year I yank up some raspberry suckers and plant them in a new raspberry row …. I currently have 4 rows here. Before they were here they lived over in the Pear Garden but one New Year’s day we instigated Operation Raspberry and we moved them.

While I wait to fill up the rest of the plot with rows of prickly but delicious raspberries I thought I would make use of the ground. This year I planted another Meso-american three sisters garden: beans, squash and corn.

3 sisters.jpg

Finally this weekend I got round to mulching it with some lovely rotted straw and poo from the goat shed.


courgette and beans.jpg

It’s a jungle out there, but thanks to Pat I now have some outside courgettes growing


and sweet corn, borlotti beans and some butternut squash.

These raspberries are autumn ones, but they start producing fruit in early July and they produce the largest raspberries I have ever seen.


N.B. For the record, I have big hands!

7 responses to “Hidden Garden

  1. D > Big gardener’s hands! I DO wish we could get raspbs to gorow here: J and I have tried every area of the garden for different conditions, but after the first winter they just fail to thrive. Enjoy!

  2. That looks well muched now – hard work but worth it! What variety of raspberry is that? I’ve had the best raspberry crop ever this year, but the summer ones will be over very soon and my autumn ones are only just starting to show their buds. I thinks it’s a combination of better shelter, a relatively good winter and a brilliant summer.

    • Not sure, it was years ago that we bought ten canes and now we have more than a hundred – I love how they reproduce – they are autumn fruiting ones despite the fact they start fruiting in JUne!

  3. Oops sorry for the above! I have just found your lovely blog after visiting your campsite in July. I am not sure if you remember us. We came back the following weekend with our children Tommy and Florence to pet the goats as the children cried about them when we left! I wanted to say thank you so much for being so hospitable, to say we loved it is an understatement, we think you’re great too. Thanks for being so open welcoming us back to see Sodapop again! We only live in Framlingham so will definately visit again and are looking forward to coming to your cafe! With love and best wishes, Anna Ashton

    • Hi Anna, Of course I remember you all, it was lovely meeting you. You are more than welcome to back back and visit Soda Pop (and us) whenever you like, it is always lovely to see you 🙂

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