fresh goat cheese.jpg

After my slightly disastrous earlier attempts at making cheese from Iggy Pop’s milk I have decided it is time to move beyond simply making ice-cream and yoghurt and to jump back into the world of cheese.

I started with a simple fresh goat cheese made using citric acid to separate the curds and whey. Once drained I formed it into rustic logs shapes and mixed it with some chives and salt. We ate it as it is with friends as part of a meze table and then I added the leftovers to a borek which we gobbled up with leftover broadband and pea puree, beetroot hummus, cacik and carrot – yum.


Next on the list was halloumi. Despite using out of date rennet – bad, lazy, cheap-skate me – it turned out OK, if a little flat and soft.

I fried it up and we had it with fried new potatoes, griddled courgettes and home-made pesto.

Halloumi dinner

Now it was time to try something new for me – ย so I made a curd cheese. I used a packet of curd starter and rennet from Moorlands cheesemakers to see what it was like.

hanging curd cheese.jpg

It was easy and I made about a kilo of delicious, creamy curd cheese. We ate a lot on tomato and pickle sandwiches.


But I also added it to a pasta sauce. I gently fried an onion, sliced courgette and some shredded cabbage until it was all soft. I added a couple of large spoons of curd cheese and some of the pasta cooking water until the sauce was more or less the consistency of a thickish single cream (!). The I stirred it through tagliatelle and we had it with Parmesan.

creamy pasta.jpg

Sorr about the bad photos, we aren’t eating until 9pm at night at the earliest and we spend all day rushing about facing to keep up with tasks ….. but I must make some time to clear out the over-grown plants from and plant some more seeds in the polytunnel, make more jam, check on the bees as the heather harvest is coming in, work the dogs, finish my book, and check on that peeping in the incubator……

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