Self Delusion

Shingle Street

I have been deluding myself. The last few times I have been to the doctors, I have told them I am pretty active.

“I have a smallholding and dogs, I feel like I am always on the go. I must walk 4-5 km a day”


I said. I was deluding myself …. you know the thing.

I have no idea how long I swim for – in my head it is ages (hours even), but I suspect it is just minutes.

Towards Orford.jpg

Actually I know it is just minutes because I got a fitbit. It isn’t one that tells you your heart rate or any of the other gizmos. It is a basic one, but it is the one that will tell you how long you swam for. It also tells you how far you walk each day.

I was surprised. I really did think I walked about 5km a day.

me and Kainaat.jpg

Turn out it is between 10-15km every day.

But you wanna know how long I swim for don’t you. Well even though I never time myself, it appears that bizarrely I swim for 13 minutes, every single time!


Last week I swam a lot in the sea at Shingle Street (although I did miss two days as I went to the cafe to finish writing a chapter of my book). Twice I swam with my heroic swimming friend Alfie; sometimes the swell was quite high, I felt rather heroic.


This week I swam with Alfie – twice in the lagoon and then once in the sea after we saw jelly fish in the lagoon. Then we felt them in the sea and the swim was a lot less than 13 minutes and we both scampered out –  suddenly we were a lot less heroic.


The day after, I put on my wetsuit (jellyfish protection and I feel more like a super hero in it), faced my fears and went back in the sea – no jelly fish.


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