Two-cheese, two tomato tart


The need for quick dinners is paramount around here as we get to the end of August. I have been meaning to post about this tart for a while, but the last week or so has been full of adventures with friends, swimming, and bees, never mind a very busy campsite. Anyway, it is easy and delicious.

I had some of my home-made curd cheese made with Iggy Pop’s milk leftover so I used that with a bit of cheddar that a camper had left in the fridge – waste not, want not round here.

As for the tomatoes, I used Amish Plum and Costoluto – I like eating the Pink Wonder tomatoes raw with a sprinkling of salt.


Two-tomato Tart: puff pastry; tomatoes; cheese (something like cheddar and maybe a curd or cream cheese works well); mustard; basil

Roll out the puff pastry or use ready-rolled. Spread mustard on the pastry. Spread over your curd or cream cheese. Add wedges of tomato.

uncooked tart

Cook at about 180C until it looks done or your hunger means you grab it out of the oven. Sprinkle torn basil over it just before serving.

We ate it with the obligatory daily cucumber.


4 responses to “Two-cheese, two tomato tart

  1. J > You’re so cruel. Can’t you post this sort of posts before the evening meal (here in the UK), so that when you set the gastric juices going, I’ve got something to quench them with? Now I’m going to go to bed feeling hungry! ;~)

    • I do have a mean streak πŸ™‚ but actually I do post before our evening meal, we just eat real really late, so perhaps it is revenge for having to work on the campsite until gone 8pm every evening before I can even think about dinner. Hope feeling hungry didn’t keep you awake πŸ™‚

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