Japanese Steamed Chicken with Cucumber (and sesame sauce)

Japanese chicken.jpg

Umm, this is very good and I am not sure why we haven’t been eating lots of it.

Maybe there is a story attached to this recipe and maybe not – maybe it is the usual story of a hectic Friday night at the campsite. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope as there is only one more egg collection before I go back to only doing it at the weekends. Not that I want to come across as a grumpy, old person, but having just done egg collection pretty much every evening at 6pm for maybe the past 49 nights, I might be looking forward to a break ….

And what is egg collection you may ask – well it is a carefully choreographed performance of mayhem that involves jumping electric fences, tickling pigs’ bums, cuddling goats, worrying sheep, tormenting alpacas, feeding chickens and of course collecting eggs. All are welcome, but as I regularly say to grown-ups hoping for a bit of free baby-sitting, I am not a responsible adult and I will do my best to encourage your kids to grab the electric fence, taste chicken poo and jump on stinging nettles with their bare feet …. entrust your children to me at your peril.

Recipe is adapted from Harumi’s Japanese Cooking which is a lovely book and Harumi looks as if she doesn’t have to make her dinner after the exhausting extravaganza that is egg collection.

cucumber and spring onion.jpg

Steamed Chicken with Cucumber and Sesame Sauce: chopped meat from a couple of chicken thighs, a cucumber peeled and deseeded, small bunch of spring onions, 1tbs of sake, sesame oil, seasoning and some crushed fresh ginger. For the sauce – little bit of leftover juices from cooking the chicken, 2 tbs of tahini, 1 tbs soy sauce, 1 tbs caster sugar, splash of rice wine vinegar, some fermented chilli sauce, some chopped spring onions and sesame seeds to garnish, bit of chopped ginger and garlic.

Chop the white bit of the spring onion and add to the sliced cucumber. Keep the green bit and add to the chicken in a microwavable bowl. Also add in the seasoning, ginger and sesame oil. Cover and microwave at 600w for 4 minutes then leave to cool. Keep some of the juice for the sauce.

microwaving the chicken.jpg

To make the sauce mix all the sauce ingredients together. Mix the chicken with the cucumber and spring onion and place in a bowl, pour over the sauce and serve with sushi rice and green beans in satay sauce, the recipe for which I will post tomorrow.


2 responses to “Japanese Steamed Chicken with Cucumber (and sesame sauce)

  1. Hehehehe! You’ve actually counted how many egg collections this year! Oh think of the lovely quiet winter months to come 🙂

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