Green Beans and Satay Sauce (and goats)

beans and satay sauce.jpg

I know, I promised the recipe for the absolutely delicious green beans and satay sauce, but all I want to do is talk about goats.

As an aside this really is a spectacular dish. We often eat it alone with rice or sometimes with some raw salmon. It works especially well with the purple beans I am growing this year (although they don’t look very purple in this photo – they had maybe hung around on the plant for too long, but they are very forgiving unlike other bean types).

purple beans

But back to the goats. Today I drove up to North Suffolk to visit some Anglo-Nubian goats. Goats are a bit like kittens, you don’t really just go for a look and then decide you don’t want them. So in two weeks time Elsie and her kid Ellen will be coming to live with us as well as two other kid siblings Sorrel and Sage. With any luck Elsie will be pregnant (by Odin, who really does look like he is some demonic goat god), but we won’t cover the kids until next autumn/winter by which time I may well have my own Anglo-Nubian buck to do the deed.


What?? I hear you say.

Well really, your micro-dairy specialising in artisanal goats cheese isn’t going to just get off the ground all by itself, you do need to jump in there and get the goats to supply the milk.

Well yes, obviously I do have to perfect my cheese-making skills (well, I actually need to learn how to make cheese that is more complex than halloumi) and we also need to build the aforementioned dairy, but to restate the quote we seem to live by “if you build it they will come”.

If you don’t, then they certainly won’t.

Green Beans and Satay Sauce: green beans, crunchy (no added sugar) peanut butter, mirin, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, chilli sauce.

Cook the beans. Mix all the other ingredients together to taste. I usually add a couple of large tablespoons of peanut butter to a bowl and add sloshes of everything else until it taste nice. Add the sauce onto the beans while they are still warm-ish or when they are cold, it doesn’t matter, it always tastes good.

It also works with broccoli.

N.B. Some serious barn envy going on here.

6 responses to “Green Beans and Satay Sauce (and goats)

    • A good plate makes a huge difference I think – well it does to me – these are cheap bowls I got from my local Chinese supermarket when I lived in Birmingham I think – that or they came from the Japan centre in London in which case they weren’t quite as cheap!

  1. Ok leaving aside the lovely sounding sauce that I will def try as I love anything to do with peanut butter, what does this mean for not so little anymore Soda Pop? Is he destined for Jamaican curried mutton???

  2. I first read “Green Beans with Satan Sauce”…Satan Sauce would have been awesome…. I wasn’t too let down when I saw Satay sauce… since I love peanut butter… but geez Satan Sauce would have been much more cool.

    ps… I googled Satan’s sauce and you can by it on amazon.

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