Perfect Day

Dunwich beach2.jpg

On Saturday I had a perfect day.

As I had gone to bed before 8pm the night before, I woke up very early. Me and the dogs headed out to the beach before 6.30am. It was misty (I think – it was misty one day over the weekend so let’s say it was Saturday even though I am pretty sure it was Sunday).

misty beach.jpg

We walked south down the beach towards Sizewell and saw a seal basking on the beach. I managed to recall Zephi to me before he saw the seal and it lumbered safely off into the sea.


When we got to the edge of Dunwich cliffs we walked up past the coastguard cottages and along the cliff top through the heather and gorse – it was stunning.

Back at the caravan I managed to make perfect fried eggs for the first time ever.  What, I hear you say, haven’t you made decent fried eggs before?

I have made fried eggs, but they were distinctly average – OK, but not out of this world.  I am lazy and like my fried eggs not runny so I usually make over-medium eggs. But as I am about to open a cafe serving breakfasts I need to up my egg game. However, it seems that cooking them gently in butter does the trick, who knew, well apart from the entirety of the internet? They were fabulous. I can’t believe I have wasted so much of my life eating less than perfect fried eggs – duh to me.

I also had some home-grown melon, figs and strawberries – quite smug about the melon as this is the first time I have grown proper ones; the everlasting strawberries don’t produce huge amounts but they have been going now since April I think; and there is no such thing as too many figs.


This was a melon I ate earlier in the week – that’s right I grew multiple melons!

After lolling around reading (non-work stuff) for a while, I nipped down to the beach for a swim which was obviously perfect until I touched something that I assumed was an imaginary sea monster and I leapt instantly leapt out of the sea. I did go back in to rescue a bumblebee that was stranded, floating on its back waving its little legs in the air so I am not a complete wuus.


While I swam the dogs ate my butter that I had accidentally left out in the caravan, but other than that they were perfect. Actually I suspect Zephi ate the butter and then smeared some on my new glasses


I got warm, then me and the dogs walked down the beach to the Ship Inn where I had Keralan fish curry which was good and not too big. Nobody asked me if my dogs were related – whew.

dogs on beach2.jpg

I walked back, read some more, had cheese on toast for tea, went to bed before 8pm and listened to the radio where I heard something about aerial archaeology being the precursor of military aerial surveillance which provided the key to finishing off a section of the last chapter of the current book I am writing which was handy.

All in all a pretty perfect day ….. the only slight cloud is the MRI I have to have next week which the orthopeadic consultant arranged after he looked at the x-ray of my hip. While I am sure it will be fine – why shouldn’t it be? no don’t answer that – it would be nice to have a year or even six months without some kind of oncology-related scan as I am prone to a degree of catastrophicisation – is this even a word? – as I ridiculously think dwelling on the worst outcome will make me in someway prepared for it should it materialise which of course it doesn’t.

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