September Harvest


If I am honest, the polytunnel is a mess; strawberry world looks like it was once a theme park that has been abandoned for at least 20 years with various genetically modified super-weeds running rampant; the hugelkultur is full of brassicas but also thistles and millions of cabbage white butterflies (despite the enviromesh); the greenhouses have some tomatoes in them, but the nettles swamped my chillis; I can’t keep up with harvesting the raspberries, cucumbers and courgettes so I fear that many are going to waste which is causing me no end of angst (got to get your priorities right!); and I haven’t planted any spinach or leaves for winter salads.


That said, the chaotic, mess of a vegetable garden is still super-productive. I am looking forward especially to eating lots of peppers and endless broccoli and cabbage when we get home as well as the rest of the pears – our fruit trees are still a long way from being mature, but they are starting to produce quite a bit of fruit.


Outrageously pleased about the grapes …. and the melon


While I am having a great time away, I am missing my daily dose of vegetables and fruit.


If you blog about vegetables does that count as one of your five a day?


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