Ducklings and Duck Burgers


The five little ducklings are now big enough to roam free and swim in the big pond. So to fit in with the theme of ducks I made duck burgers for dinner last night. This recipe was totally inspired by two free-range duck producers on instagram @femmedelafowl and @vueduvolcanfarm who make a prune, walnut and duck sausage.

I made mine into burgers as it was easier. I just guessed at amounts because I live dangerously:


Duck, prune and walnut burger: minced duck breast, handful of walnuts finely chopped, small handful of prunes chopped, 1 onion finely chopped, 2 cloves of garlic, seasoning, 1 small egg, couple of sprigs of rosemary, leaves pulled off and finely chopped, and a large handful of breadcrumbs.

Fy the onion and garlic in a little olive oil. add all the ingredients together and squish well with your hands. Form into patties, chill and then fry in olive oil.


I made a coleslaw to have with them (we have a lot of cabbages but that is another story) and we had them plain in brioche buns with some home-made cucumber pickles and mayo. They tasted better than they look – I was going to make it all look nice, but I was, as usual, exhausted.


They were very good so I will be hatching out more ducklings next year.

As it is the weekend here is a little video of the ducklings when they were still yellow and were hanging out in the front garden.

N.B. possible food truck option ??

4 responses to “Ducklings and Duck Burgers

  1. Prunes and walnuts in a duck burger!! Hubba hubba, what a unique combination!
    What was the flavor profile? Sweet and savory?
    I think this is a brilliant use of duck, nice change from the regular ol’ seared duck breast and duck confit 😀

    • It was seriously delicious – the walnuts gave a little bit of bite and the prunes a hint of sweetness. I actually really liked the texture with the walnuts in it. I might toast them next time – I was basically a bit lazy with it all this time round. However, this is definitely going to be something I make again and again. I have to say, I never seem to get seared duck breast right so that is why I went with burgers and of course James thinks burgers are the best – my favourite is still duck confit though 🙂 all the silky unctuousness !

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