Damson Brandy

Damson brandy.jpg

I completely forgot that I had planted other damson trees on the smallholding, so the damsons, they keep on coming.

There is obviously only one thing to do in such a situation and that is to make damson brandy.

Damson Brandy: 500ml brandy, 400g damsons, 200g sugar.

Prick damsons – I stabbed at them in a vaguely effective manner with a knife. Put in a bottle, add sugar and brandy. Shake every day or so until the sugar dissolves.

Apparently you should keep this for 18 months before decanting the brandy and consuming it …. well we will see about that.

I made two batches as I had a litre bottle of brandy to get rid of. I don’t use the expensive brandy for this type of thing …. just something bog standard.


N.B. the trees are still young at the moment, in ten years time we are going to have a lot of damsons to process!

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